Shropshire is home to a number of top notch food and drink festivals. Shropshire Magazine covers these major events every year.

Shrewsbury Food Fest

In 2012 there was no such event as Shrewsbury Food Festival. Seven years on, this Annual Culinary celebration is a phenomenon.

It began over dinner in a Shropshire restaurant. Over guinea fowl and Shropshire beef, Shrewsbury Food Festival was born. In the space of seven years, it has become the county's biggest.

It launched in 2013 and attracted 13,000 people - against a target of 10,000. The community latched on to it and around 100 volunteers converged on The Quarry Park, in Shrewsbury, to make sure things ran smoothly. Shrewsbury Food Festival said thank you by helping to build gardens for children at local schools. 

In the second year, the food festival hoped to attract 15,000 people to the Quarry Park - and 20,000 turned up.

The festival fills several fields in Shrewsbury's Quarry Park. Shrewsbury Food Festival has had a remarkably positive effect on the town's food culture with chefs and restaurateurs enjoying a boom in business.

The festival has won numerous awards and nominations, with organisers Andy Richardson and Beth Heath were invited to the House of Lords in 2016 for the Rural Oscars, organised by the Countryside Alliance. The festival was named the best in the West Midlands and they met then Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss, who congratulated them on the event.

With the 2020 Food Festival taking place on 27-28 June, the future of the event seems secure, looking set to continue for years to come.

The Oswestry Food Festival attracts people from across Shropshire as well as Mid Wales and further afield.

John Waine, the man who helped to found the event, says: "It's probably the most chilled food festival on the planet with a great atmosphere and properly local. Why wouldn't we be local when we have some of the best food and drink producers in the country on our doorstep."  

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