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Gourmet Shropshire has been providing foodies of the region and its visitors with hand-picked places to eat, stay and shop. 

We follow the regions top chefs tracing their inspirational journeys from humble beginnings to becoming leading chefs in the county. 

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  • 04/04/2018 0 Comments
    Restaurants in Focus

    The Charismatic Frontman: The Charlton Arms, Ludlow - Cedric Bosi's journey from Lyon to Ludlow has been a remarkable one.

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  • 04/04/2018 0 Comments
    Bravo for Butchers

    From Field to Fork: Aldersons at bridgnorth

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  • 15/08/2017 0 Comments
    The Cocktail Hour

    What's yours? Tim Aversa, owner of Tipples, knows how to mix and serve exotica in a glass

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  • 15/08/2017 - Karen Knowles 0 Comments
    Cream of the Crops

    It's early Autumn and everywhere you look fruit and vegetables, herbs and flowers are ripe for the picking. 

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