The Cocktail Hour

What's yours? Tim Aversa, owner of Tipples, knows how to mix and serve exotica in a glass

You'll always find him in the kitchen at parties. Tim Aversa, owner of Tipples, has served drinks to members of the Royal Family and various celebrities.

He's the man behind the county's cocktails, the man who can muster anything from a cooling pint of Hobsons to a Caipirinha with Candy Floss of a Dry Martini, shaken, not stirred. 

Tim Aversa's company Tipples provides mobile bar and catering facilities for parties, events, weddings and more besides.

He started out at Radbrook College, near Shrewsbury, signing up to a two-year course in hospitality and catering. Afterwards, he continued his studies by completing a HND over the following two years.

"I was also working and i did a lot of weddings at Rowton Castle. I was also at Prince Rupert, in Shrewsbury ton centre, so I learned a lot from an early age."

Tim devised a plan to work on cruise ships so that he could see the world while gaining practical experience. He trained on the QE and then set sail for three years. "I finished in 2006 and i'd seen a lot by then."

During fallow periods, he worked in catering but was generally uninspired. " I used to look at people who'd turn up for events with a bar and all they had was a trestle table. They'd be serving drinks from a barrel and that was about it. I knew I could do better."

And so began his business. Tim started taking bookings for mobile bars and didn't look back.

"For a while, I worked in Australia. I travelled around, working at a Marriott Hotel. But when I got back I'd got a few bookings from people who wanted drinks at parties.

"I bought a mobile bar and operated from my parents' garage. There was one bar, one till and nothing else."

It snowballed. Tim is Mr Nice. He's one of life's great charmers, a man who pleases the crowd and is utterly polite.

"I had good training. And when people have a bar, they just want to know that someone reliable, friendly and organised will turn up so hat they don't have to worry about anything." 

Other than that what they want to drink 

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